A Breakthrough in Skincare Innovation

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing, a type of alternative therapy that involves using gemstones to bring balance to an individual's body, mind, and soul.

Crystals are said to hold a stable and unchanging energy pattern, with each containing a unique frequency and energy field. As a result, they act as a direct channel to bring harmony to the energy field of the human body. On an emotional and spiritual level, crystals can enhance self-esteem, encourage clarity, and bring forth the energy of healing.

The benefits of Crystal Healing for the Skin

Crystal healing is a complementary and natural approach when it comes to healing. It can be used alongside traditional medicine and does not have negative side-effects.

When it comes to addressing specific skin concerns, it is important to address the physical and energy of the body first; this will allow healing to take place at the root. Each gemstone works to balance the energy and overall well-being while addressing the specific skin concern.

Transform Beauty with Crystals

Here at Sono Essence, we have specifically paired the correct Healing Crystal with the corresponding ingredient. A favorite of ours, Rose Quartz, relieves stressed and highly inflamed skin, while soothing and allowing the body to release toxins and impurities. It is an integrated approach to harmonize both the skin, mind, and body.

When Crystal Healing is combined with organic and natural ingredients, this acts as the perfect combination of soul food, allowing the soul to heal and thrive optimally. This connects and aligns all elements of the body creating one Mind, Body, and Spirit.